January 13, 2015

Ant #300. Mountain top you cannot get.

I won't be doing retrospectives any longer as I did every 100th post.
Let's better talk about something more interesting.

Yesterday I had a very interesting conversation with one of my best friends. About love, of course.
She asked me how many times I've been refused in my life. I replied that just once. And she said that I shouldn't be worried about possibility to die alone. Well, yeah, maybe... But it made me think about another thing.

Imagine that you perfectly play chess and lost the championship in the final. Or you do yoga and can strike any pose except of the only one. Or maybe you're the best alpinist and the only mountain top you cannot get is Everest.

And then imagine that you play chess so-so, don't do yoga at all and the only time you were in mountains was in your high school with your teacher of geography.

Do you know what I mean?

I don't know how it feels to hear NO. I've got everyone I wanted... Well, almost...
I've been refused once, but I still cannot forget it. It follows me. And I guess that it's even worse than if it was kinda usual for me.

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