January 15, 2015

Ant #301. The day it's all begun.

The night on 22nd of february of 2001.
I'm a 15-years-old boy watching a TV, changing channels...
"Boring... Boring... Boring... Oh, Grammy Music Awards. Never heard of it. Let's check it out..."
And in a few second... "Wow! Limousine! Wait, wait... Wait a second, I know the melody, I heard this song in a club [yes, I was clubbing since 11] las saturday. What was the singer's name? It was cool, I remember... MADONNA! Yeah!"

When the performance ended, I was like "Oh my f*cking god! This woman is amazing and damn hot!"

It was the very first time I saw her on stage. Before that I didn't even know how she looked like. In my home-town we didn't have any music channels.
The day it has all begun! The day when my life has changed forever!

So it was pretty exciting to know she's about to perform at Grammy's again, this year, on february 8th. Can't wait to see it! With no doubt it will be phenomenal!

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