February 20, 2015

Ant #306. Hospital.

So how was it?
Two days ago I felt a bit strange. I couldn't really describe what happened, but I felt like a dead battery.
Yesterday I woke up, do some home work and went out. After one meeting and short walk across the city I went to the monastery (my fav place) to drink a coffee and then went home.  Here I felt bad...

It was burning in my chest and seemed like someone grabbed my organs tight. And because I never experienced and heart or stomach or any other problems, so I thought it was a heart attack! From being sick physically I went to being sick emotionally. It turned into a panic attack, coz I didn't understand what was it and I knew that if I faint nobody calls to emergency (I live alone). I decided not to call them for myself and go directly to hospital, I didn't want to stay home alone. Just in case, I put in my back bag my documents, phone charger, took some money, and in 3 minutes I was in a taxi on my way to hospital.

First doctor appeared. A woman. I tried to explain how I felt, she started asking if I had a stress. I said I was ok. She called for the 2nd doctor. A man. He asked the same. Then they checked my pulse. It was perfect. They checked blood pressure. Perfect. The woman left, the man kept asking me if I was stressed recently, if I had stomach problem, if I vomited or not. I was "WTF? I'm having a heart attack! Why are you asking me this shit?"

The woman came back with a Electrocardiography machine and another one doctor. Another man. They checked my heart beating seriously. And haven't seen anything bad at all! The 3 rd doctor asked me if I ever had pancreatic issues and if I still have an appendix. He checked my whole body, it was painful nowhere. Checked and pushed a chest one more time, nothing, no pain at all.

All 3 were like "You're absolutely fine! It must be nerves. Did you receive bad news recently or break up with someone?" But I couldn't confirme anything. Anyway they kept saying it's all because of nerves which affect a pancreatic system.

And just to make sure they told me to check my chest on X-rays. I came back in a few minutes with images. All three + 1 new one doctors saw them and declared I was 100% healthy. It all turned into a joke, they couldn't make anything, while I kept feeling me not so good. The 4th doctor asked me what I ate during the day. I replied that almost nothing, I was about to cook when I felt bad and went to the hospital, I only drank a coffee and s small desert. He asked if I drink a lot of coffee? I confirmed that twice a day, more or less. He said "That's it! For the next 10 days, no fat or fried food, and NO COFFEE!" (which sounded horrible!!! Everyone knows I cannot live without coffee!). He gave me a receipt for some pills and let me go home.

Today I feel way better! But yesterday I was scared as f*ck! >_<

I'd like to thank all the doctors listening to my noise and to all of my friends who were worrying for me! I do appreciate it! Thank you!

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