June 28, 2012

Ant #101. More MDNA doses on Iberian Peninsula.

Sorry for being quiet for so long. I had another one trip!
I've been in Spain and Portugal to have some rest and also see three Madonna's shows)))
I thought I was lucky in Tel Aviv (when I won a contest), but this time I felt like I was kissed by God. I won 3 times in row. O_o

First stop was in Barcelona!
Amazing Port Aventura, sightseeing, "porn-hotel", meeting new and old friends, and finally the show on June 20. A few my friends were sleeping in the queue on a night before the show. I decided not to do that, woke up at 5 am and went to the venue. I knew I haven't won a contest again, so I gotta manage my attendance to Golden Triangle (the very very special zone for fans). I met Madonna's assistant and she told me she'll take me to triangle anyway. But I couldn't be relaxed, I had to pick up my friends, she said she'll try to do something for them. I was waiting for news...
But then another assistant came out holding iPad. It was a game, like a russian roulette. You touch the screen and it says "WIN" or "NEXT". I thought it's my chance to help my friends. I touched it and.... I WON!!! I can't describe my feelings at that moment. Everything was perfect!

After the show we came back to the hotel, slept about 3 hours, woke up and went to the venue again.
This time my friends and me were standing in different queues, because I had a VIP ticket. At 4 pm the iPad-girl came out again. I didn't want to win, because I wanted to watch the show from another point and it would be unfair if I won the second time (and the 3rd time if we count Tel Aviv). So I didn't even touch the iPad. Some people won, but a lot of them didn't. The girl told us "Ok, who didn't win you have a second chance!" I thought "It's a destiny, I have to play!", I touched the iPad and... WON!!!

Thanx God I did it, because if I wasn't in Golden Triangle I wouldn't get a gift (a headband) from Martin Solveig and Madonna wouldn't give me a "high five"! That was an incredible night!!!

After the 2nd show in Barcelona we went to the after-party, but only to say good-bye to our friends. We had a flight to Portugal early morning.

At first sight I thought that Coimbra is a small boring village. Two days of sightseeing and I loved this city! Very interesting and impressing!
And a good luck didn't leave me there. I've received an email from Madonna's fan club that I won a contest again and I'm going to Golden Triangle! HOLY SH*T!!! ))))))

The show in Coimbra was absolutely amazing! Besides we saw a sound-check. I was dancing and singing and yelling right in front of her! She was looking at me and giving her mic! Unbelievable moment!

Well, 3 shows in a row with queuing under the sun, with only 3 hours of sleeping every day, with running to the stage are completely exhausting, but I would never refuse them, because impressions I get cannot be compared to anything!

The next day we went to Lisbon and spent there a few fab days! Such a beautiful city! I will definitely come back one day, but not on a summer )))

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  1. You had a hectic travel but still being at Madonna's show must be exciting. She's still gorgeous at her age.