June 3, 2012

Ant #93. MDNA Tour.

This is simply the best I've ever seen in my life!
Honestly! I'm not joking and I'm not saying that because I'm still excited.
The show is really amazing!

Madonna is in her best shape. The stage are blowing minds. The choreography is unbelievably difficult. The costumes are gorgeous. Backdrops, lights, sounds, interludes... Everything is in the highest lever! Well, what can you expect from the Queen of Pop?

The stage has a triangle form. But inside there was a small area for 100 people. I stood inside, coz I won a contest. You know, I wrote about it. )))

So let's talk about the show step by step!

1. The opening is EPIC! The best she has ever done! With a religious theme, monks, cross and, of course, Madonna praying with a gun in her hand. The hebrew singing goes to "Girl Gone Wild"
Take a look!

The most agressive first part on the show continues with "Revolver" song. One of my favorite songs about love. And then "Gang Bang" from her latest album MDNA.

Then she's sorry and singing her classic "Papa Don't Preach", but her own monsters put chains on her. Then goes completely re-worked "Hung Up", supported with acrobatic dances.
The show continues with another one song from MDNA "I Don't Give A..." with Nicki Minaj on screens.

The end of a first part is absolutely amazing! Madonna goes up on a cube under the cross! And it ends with a very beautiful "Best Friend/Heartbeat" interlude with a gothic video on screens.

2. The second "cheerleading" part starts with one of the signature song "Express Yourself". It could be good, but it turns GREAT! Everyone knows that Lady Gaga was claimed by critics for the plagiarism of "Express Yourself". So what does Madonna? In the end of the song she starts to sing her song and "Born Reductive This Way" line over line showing everyone that both songs sounds absolutely the same)))) Then she continues repeating "Respect yourself! Respect yourself!" and finishing with "She's not me! She's not me"! And at this time there was a video on screen with a monster (read "Mother Monster") eating the jars with Madonna's stuff like pony-tale and cone-bra! Wooohooo!!!! I cannot imagine how angry were Gaga and her fans! Good spittle, Madonna! )))))

The next song is "Give Me All Your Luvin'", but fully re-worked as well, with hot dances on a triangle runway and drummers flying under the ceilimg. So impressive!

3. She sings "Turn Up The Radio" rocking on a guitar! She loves it!

Then there starts something incredible! Madonna invited the basque Kalakan trio to support her on stage. And they made a great mash with Madonna's classic "Open Your Heart". 
She says a speach about sex, race and sexual orientation equalities and continues with Golden Globe winning song "Masterpiece". So touching!!!

Next is my fav video interlude "Justufy My Love". This is a sex concentrtion! WOW!

And VOGUE!!! With a cone bra coming back from the past with a new incredible form!

Next songs: luxe re-worked "Candy Shop/Erotica" medley, "Human Nature" and "Like A Virgin", the last one is simply incredible!

Then while Madonna's changing her clothes, there is another video interlude with a political taste. She loves doing that. With "Nobody Knows Me" song she also laughs at all her haters, claims politicians, remembers all teen-suicides. That's all Madonna about!

5. The last part starts with "I'm Addicted", my fav song on MDNA. (Sorry for the queality, I was jumping).

The show continues with "I'm A Sinner" and her iconic "Like A Paryer". So sad I haven't filmed it. It was amazing when the whole stadium was standing, claping their hands and singing! MAGIC!!!

And the final song is "Celebration" remix! Epic ending!


So, what should I say? I think that videos and pictures say for themselves.
It's not only her best show, it's better than anything else!!!

If you don't even like Madonna, but have an opportunity to see the show live, you gotta do that!


  1. Your thoughts with this concert is fantastic. I love those pictures. I really love madonna's musics!