June 16, 2012


This is my 100th post!
That's amazing!

I don't wanna write anything serious here, just wanna take a look on all my previous "sh*t" and find some cool moments!

Enjoy! And thanx for reading me! ;-)

*   *   *
I'm f*cking smart, brave, independent man. I wanna learn my own lessons. I wanna do what I feel need to do. And I don't need their advices. 

*   *   *
Then I've matured. My habits have been changed. Vodka replaced gifts, friends replaced Santa Claus, clubs replaced poems. But I still thought it's a great time. 

*   *   *
Just to let you know...
Yes, I'm single, but my heart is occupied. So please leave me alone.
Thank you. 

*   *   *
I don't want you to think about me that I'm narcissistic thing. No, I'm not (I hope so!). I just really cannot find common language with 99% of my friends. And it makes me sad. 

*   *   *
P.S. Next time you'll be about to tell me "F*ck you", please, think twice. 

*   *   *
So now get the f*ck outta my life. Thank you. 

*   *   *
I just wanna get drunk, dance, flirt, talk to my friends, tempt a few new persons... Yeah, why not? 

*   *   *
I guess I looked too drunk, 'cause my dutch lady told me: "Hun, if you'll need a room for a couple hours, just tell me, I'll walk away!" LOL))))) It was really hard to explain that I'm not that kind of boy))) She was sure I'm a slut ))) I love her! ) 

*   *   *
1) Get my new passport.
2) Drink with my sister.
3) Drink with my best friend, meet his family.
4) Drink with my best friend from university.
5) Drink with my godsister.
5) Drink with my best female-friend in another city (3 hours long road is nothing for me). 

*   *   *
Would I like to revenge? Hell, yes! I know it's bad, but I can't fight this feeling. 

*   *   *
And you know what?

*   *   *
I love sunny days when all the tempters are getting out of their cellars like zombies. They come out and look for someone's brain to eat it. Wherever you go they follow you and try to infect your heart with the worst illness ever... with "love". Just one kiss and you're a zombie as well.
Funny times! 

LOL))) I got a good laugh )

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