June 12, 2012

Ant #97. Pets.

Last night I had a strange dream.

I found in a forest a small pretty animal looking like something middle between cat and squirrel. Babe was curling around my neck, running on my head and back and clinging claws to my t-shirt. There were many animals, but this one was the most beautiful. At first I thought that the wild animal cannot live in bondage. I was returning him to the tree, but he was continuing to jump off and run for me. And I gave up...

What does it mean? It's obvious or should I search deeper?
Maybe it's time to get a pet? Or to fall in love?


  1. that is an extremely cool dream. do you have the time and means for a pet? dogs are a bit more demanding than cats in terms of the need for attention. i have 2 dogs and a cat, and they are like part of our family. there is nothing quite as wonderful as coming home from a rough day at work, and being greeted by a pet who thinks you hung the moon! good luck in your decision.

    1. I had a dog when I was a teenager, and yes, she was like a part of our family.
      I'd like to have one again, but I'm afraid I don't have enough time for a pet now. I travel a lot.
      So maybe I just need someone to care about?!