June 16, 2013

Ant #178. Guardian angels.

A guardian angel is an angel assigned to protect and guide a particular person or group. Belief in guardian angels can be traced throughout all antiquity. The concept of tutelary angels and their hierarchy was extensively developed in Christianity in the 5th century by Pseudo-Dionysius the Areopagite.
The theology of angels and tutelary spirits has undergone many refinements since the 400s. Belief in both the East and the West is that guardian angels serve to protect whichever person God assigns them to, and present prayer to God on that person's behalf.

I definitely have some guardian angels!
But they are not little flying babies with wings and halos. They are real persons. Two or three persons that help me to keep fighting when I'm about to give up.
Without them I would be nothing, I would be lost, destroyed, dead...

I'm not saying their names. They know who they are.

I just wanna say THANK YOU!

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