June 17, 2013

Ant # 180. Neighbours.

A few hours ago I was coming back home.
I entered the building, said HI to security guard and went to the elevator.
There was a girl.
I asked her which floor did she need. She said: "No worries, I'm going high."
I pressed 11, my floor.
She said:
- Aw, you also live on 11th?
- Yeah, you too?
- Yeah! But where exactly? I never saw you.
- 11D, but I have just come here to Argentina. So now I live with Juan.
- I don't know him. I live in this building more than a year, but we never met.
- So... What's your name?
- I'm Leila, and yours?
- Gena. Nice to meet you!
- Nice to meet you too! If you need something, feel free to come and ask.
- Thank you very much! See you!
- See you! Bye!

In my previous apartments I lived 4 and 3 years correspondingly, and I didn't know any of my neighbours, and here I live a few weeks and already met this beautiful girl!
I hope we become friends!


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