December 4, 2013

Ant #221. Sade and Sasha.

I wonder how many of you know the singer Sade.
She's my night time satelite.
I always play her music when I'm down.
Those who know me in real life could realize it easily.

But probably nobody knows how I discovered her.
She was one of my first love's fav singers.
Sasha always played her when we were driving her car at night, drinking coffee and talking.

Interesting... Where is she now? I haven't heard anything about her for years.
I hope she's doing well.

We didn't even kiss. I was a little boy, but she was already a woman.
But I loved being with her all the time.
I was enjoying every single minute...
Until one day she moved to another city.
Then we talked a couple times but never saw each other again.

But seriously, I hope she's doing well!
One the greatest persons I ever met.

If you feel me now, Sasha, this song is for you! <3

*  *  *

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