December 11, 2013

Ant #223. The end of the world.

It all started just like a regular rain.
But in a moment I realized that we stuck in the cafe with other people.
Thunder appeared with a strong wind, more looking like a tornado.

The windows and doors (also made from glass) were shaking.
I made a few steps back and heard a waterfall behind me.

Kids and their moms in the cafe started screaming and crying.
I tried to keep calm and make jokes out of all this crap, but it wasn't funny at all.
My friend told me that it happens sometimes in their region, but I didn't believe it.
If it was true, people wouldn't pay attention to it.
Other way around, their reaction was close to panic.
Staff tried to do something, but it all was pointless.
They decided to shut down electricity to avoid electrical shock (there were lots of cables everywhere inside the walls and ceiling).
Once they did it, we heard that something fell on the floor very loudly.
Lately we saw that it was the ceiling, it crashed down!
That moment I really got scared!

Suddenly the storm went away and the staff turned on the light.
And we saw all the damages.
Thanx God, nobody was wounded!

We started thinking about letting out of this place, but the storm came back and the next moment the whole street left without electricity.
We called to our friend that lives in a few blocks from this cafe.
Luckily mobile phones were working.
The storm seemed to go away and we decided to use this opportunity to leave the cafe until it comes back again.
It all made me feel like I was in a scary movie!

But after "swimming" we arrived to our friend's home, wet, but alive!

Thanx, San Francisco, for making me appreciate my life even more!
It was a great experience!

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  1. Now that was a close call and luckily nobody was hurt when the ceiling came down. I don't like these types of storms that come quickly and mess your brain up then leave. It can be quite scary but I've only experienced very bad storms when I went abroad. Glad you're ok though.