December 30, 2013

Ant #229. Good-bye, 2013!

Yes, this is the end of 2013.
"Finally" or "naaaaaaw, so sad"?
How about you, guys?
Was it good or not so?

To me it was... I still don't know actually. I'm typing this letters and I have no f*cking idea about atmosphere of following text.

Well, this year was... interesting. Yes, interesting! Full of life events, crazy changes, storm of emotions positive and negative.

If you know me personally, you definitely know what happened to me in 2013, so there's no need to talk about it again and again. Let's better talk about what I've learned.

-> We must fight our fears. Anything we want to do or to get is much easier than we think. We just need to believe in ourselves and follow our dreams.

-> Sometimes those who say they are our friends are not. And sometimes help comes from those who (according to your thoughts) would never do anything for you. Look clearly, open your mind and give people chances to show who they really are.

-> I stopped being ashamed of myself. I no longer pretend to be who I'm not. And this is such a great feeling, so comfortable inside, so relaxing. I am who I am, get over it!

-> I saw once again how fragile my heart is. I changed my whole life for a love, but I've been thrown away. And that was damn painful. The worst experience ever. And I promise it will never happen again. None bitch is worth my tears. I lock my heart and drop the key into Pacific Ocean. Ciao!

-> It's hard to forgive... I can forgive anything but betraying. I know it's not good, but I can't fight myself. Every time I see someone who hurt me the flame of hate inside of me fires up again. It burns my chest. And I only calm down when this person goes away.

Well, you see... It comes out kinda bittersweet.
But believe me or not, I think it was a good year. I wouldn't like to live it up once again, but I also wouldn't skip it.

Any experience is always experience!

The "Happy New Post" I will write tomorrow!

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