December 12, 2014

Ant #294. My name.

It seems like it's pretty confusing...
Let's make it clear:

Gennady - with double N.
Gena - with one N.

Hahahaaa) It's not pissing me off, I know my name is too difficult to spell or to pronounce it. That's why I use a nickname in Starbucks for example, I don't wanna crash their brains )))

I've seen and heard lots of variations. I'm gonna collect them, I guess.

So let's start from the beginning. I'm Gennady/Gena/Gene.

In russian my name sounds like:

Gennady - [gɛ'nɑdi] with an accent on "-na-"

and the short form like:

Gena - ['gɛnɑ] with an accent on "Ge-".

LOL))) It's not the end)))

My international friends usually pronounce my name like if it was an english one. It's more preferable for me coz I got used to it. So make sure you remember it )))))

Gena - ['ʤɛnɑ]

or simply

Gene - [ʤin] 

which is also fine!

Thanx for attention! You've been a good student! ;-)

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