December 30, 2014

Ant #298. Good-bye 2014.

What can I say?
This year has been horrible as hell. Not the worst in my life, but still...

Ok ok, step by step... )))

It's been full of events, ups and downs, stories, bad and good things in almost all the possible sides of a human being's life.

And the most disgusting one is that my country (where I was born) attacked another one, occupied a part of its territory and started a real war with thousands of killed people now on both sides. This situation nearly ruined my relationship with family, especially with my dad who has been a military all his life and sees a greatness of our country in being assholes. It also affected all our incomings, but I would give all my money just to stop this fucking war. Probably it's the very first time in my life when I feel ashamed for being russian. I know I'm not responsible for this crap, I was always against Putin and his corrupted government, I went to all the demonstrations, I never voted for him or his party, but I allowed him to become a president, I didn't try well to convince people and show them who he really is. So I guess I AM responsible too and this feeling is killing me from the inside.

Well, but in this year there also were some positive moments. If 2013 was heartbreaking, than 2014 has been heartrecovering! ))) No details this time, just wanna say that I learnt once again how to love and I think this is the best thing that happened to me in years. I found out that I'm so full of love, passion, warmness, caring, more than ever! I'm not afraid of my feelings any longer and I'm totally happy!

Like in the song... "Through the darkness somehow I survived. Tough love... I knew it from the start, deep down in the depth of my rebel heart!"

So for those who has been devastated like me in this yeah, I wish the next one to be better, actually it barely can be worse! )))
For those who have been fine (I know some, LOL), I wish you all, lucky bastards, the next one to be even brighter!

Spread the love! <3

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