January 18, 2012

Ant #25. A Single Man.

Tonight I've been watching a film by Tom Ford "A Single Man".

The story about the guy whose love has died in a car accident. He's been left lonely on the Earth. He had nobody to live for and he started to destroy himself... Step by step. Not only physically, but emotionally. He was dreaming about death, he planned a suicide.

In the end he understood that he had to survive, the life is not over, there are many things, people, emotions he hasn't felt yet. But it was too late. The heart attack said NO.

Well... Wanna know what I'm thinking about?
During the movie I wanted to switch it off.
I've lost my love as well. Maybe the biggest love in my life. But I'm not gonna die. I don't lose my faith in love. I deserve to be loved... if not by you, so by someone else.

Tears, pain, sadness are degrading you.
Alcohol, cigarettes, drugs are degrading you.

You think that I can't live without your love... You'll see...

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