January 25, 2012

Ant #31. Madonna.

I wanna say something about Madonna.

I guess there's no need to explain that I'm not talking about mother of Jesus.
Everyone knows I'm talking about the most famous, talented and inspiring woman in the world of all time!

I don't wanna tell you how cool she is, how many albums she sold out, how many awards she won. You all know it. I wanna say what she means to me.

Let me speak...

All my life I've been looking at her and wondering how she re-invents herself, how she grows up, how she's learning every day, how she's getting better staying Madonna.
I've learned from her, from the best, that my life is a long (but at the same time short) journey to the sky. I always have to think what I'm doing or what I'm speaking, because I have millions chances to make a mistake, and who knows will I have a single chance to correct it? Every step can change my life forever and there won't be a way back. I have to be responsible for everything happening in my life!

And during my journey she's always with me! I can find so many different colours in her art for every kind of my mood. Even if I'm happy or if I'm upset, I can play her song and I'll get better.

Only God knows how many friends and lovers will go away, but YOU will never betray me!
Thank you, M.
Long live the Queen!

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