January 30, 2012

Ant #36. Can we be friends?

Yesterday I was unpleasantly surprised.
I opened the forum and saw my ex's post: "I play [Give Me All Your Luvin'] song on repeat!".
I wrote: "Hey. You don't like this song! :-)"
And you know what I got back? It was "F*ck you!"

Why do YOU hate me so much? I didn't do anything bad to you. And if I did, please forgive me.
A long time has passed. It's time to forget all the sadness, insults, mutual claims. It's time to grow up. All the happened is in the past now, and I'm looking forward to see the next day. I do believe it will be better than today and I wish all the best for you too. If not with me, so with somebody else. Truly!

I don't want us to be enemies. I wanna be your friend. Why not? Don't pretend you don't care about me! I know you do! I do too!

Nothing more to say.

P.S. Next time you'll be about to tell me "F*ck you", please, think twice.

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