September 8, 2012

Ant #117. Money.

Money... Money, money, money...
That's what I need right now!

After ending my summer trip, I feel so broken. Not because I'm tired or exhausted, but because I want more. I'm dying to go to South America on december, but now it seems absolutely impossible.

Here is my "To Do / Pay For" list:

1) Flight to my hometown, on sept/oct.
2) Birthday gift for my mom.
3) New shoes, jeans, a few other clothes.
4) Birthday gift for my bff.
5) Flight to South America and back on december.
6) A few local flights.
7) Hotels.
8) 4 tickets for Madonna's shows (it's a huuuge money).

And I'm not talking about food and my apartment rent.
Doh! Why is the world so unfair? WHYYYYYYY?


1 comment:

  1. The want of money is insatiable, all the multimillionaires I know, tell tell me it is not enough. Though that is that type of attitude that helped make them multimillionaires, it is also that type of attitude that will leave them forever unsatisfied and unhappy.

    But yes, more would be good, I share your desire.