September 5, 2012

Ant #116. I'm afraid of people. VOL.2

In my previous post I told you about crazy guy annoying me and my friend.

Last night and this morning he surpassed himself.
He hacked my friend's account on facebook and stole some of her pictures from private albums. Then he sent me them with awful comments like "Look at this wh*re! How can you talk to her? She's disgusting!"
I said he's sick and did nothing.
Then he anonymously messaged her: "I talked to him and he told me he will never touch you again", what is completely a lie, coz we didn't even talk (I just don't wanna answer to him).
Then he sent me a message with cheap porn-movies words: "I'd like to see how you cum on her boobs and then I'll f*ck you!"
I ignored all this crap, but at the morning my email was full of his letters with many photos of him. Can you imagine what were these photos? On some of them he was horny (you know what I mean), on others he was dressed up in female stockings.


I'm so tired of him. Please, whoever you are, F*CK OFF!


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