September 24, 2012

Ant #120. Mom's b-day.

This is always a headache to me.

First of all, because I have to go to my home town. It's a kind of tradition. I live by my own in another city more than 6 years, but I never skip my mom's birthday. So she knows I'll come anyway.

Then, because I don't know what she wants. I mean a gift. She says she doesn't need anything. But it's a birthday, I have to buy something. When I was abroad for the last time (in Norway), I've bought Madonna's perfume for her ("Truth or Dare"), but it's too cheap for being a b-day gift. It's just a souvenir from my trip.

Truth or Dare by Madonna

DOH! 4 days till the flight, but I have no f*cking idea what to buy!



  1. "but it's too cheap for being a b-day gift" - it's funny how you think this way. I don't think any gift can be described as cheap or expensive. It's something what you giving to person from your heart, not as duty to just to give.
    Perfume, big bunch of flowers and your visit will be the biggest present if you gonna give it from your heart.

  2. So what you got finally? :)