October 23, 2012

Ant #126. Private life.

Every day somebody asks me about my relationship status.
This question always makes me furious!

It's not your f*cking business!

I'm not ashamed of my partner if I have one. I just don't understand why do I have to tell everyone if I'm taken?!
Some say: "I'd like to try to tempt you if you were single."
Kids, if you're interested in me only if I'm single, I'm not interested in you! I don't like cowards!
Others say: "I'm gonna fight for you, if you're taken."
So f*cking do that! Stop asking me your stupid questions!

I really don't like to discuss my private life with anybody, except of my partner of course.
If people know any couples, they like to give them advices. I don't need this sh*t.
They also like to "worry" about others, if they break up. Doh, you better worry about your stupid thoughts.
Or sometimes they hear rumours and immediately call other's partner to tell them their "truth". Pfffff.... Get a life!

Everytime you let people come into your private life, they destroy it!
This is the only truth!

Watch out!


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