October 28, 2012

Ant #129. Gender play.

Today I received an email from my friend.
Before you read it, I wanna say that this my friend is straight.

So... Here is what he wrote.

Dude I think I'm going to go for male to female surgery hahaha. I want a big pair of tits and female hormones; but I want to keep my penis; I like my penis lol, and I'm also gonna be a lesbian pretty much since I'm usually attracted to girls in the first place. I really think I was born the wrong gender. Haven't told anyone yet lol.... Just feel fucking insecure and so ugly and worthless as a man and when I put on makeup and look feminine it feels so right.... I feel so good!

Cool, right? )))
I came back home (I spent last night not at home ^_^ ) and took a book that I've bought in a sex-shop in Amsterdam. It calls FETISH and it tells about some crazy stuff. )))

Page 36-37. GENDER PLAY.

A cross-dresser is someone who, while enjoying dressing as a member of the opposite sex, doesn't  necessarily mix it with any form of erotic association. Cross-dressing  has a long colorful history, from the gender confusion in Shakespearean comedies such as Twelfth Night and Comedy of Errors, to the true historical accounts of women who disguised their gender to take on masculine roles in the military. The berdache men in Native American culture dressed and played the role of females in society, even to the point of taking a husband. To associate cross-dressing exclusively with homosexuality is, however, an all too common mistake. Most male cross-dressers prefer to have female partners, but because of social constraints and taboos around men donning feminine attire, it remains relatively secretive.

Crazy, isn't it?
I never tried something like this, even if I'm not very straight. )))
Not because I'm against it, but because I never felt need to try it. I don't didn't even have a friend that practiced a cross-dressing. 
But now I think I'm gonna take a look on it. Maybe it feels good to open another side of your personality. Maybe it's a guilty pleasure. Or maybe it's just funny!

Anyway, I never wore high-hills )))

Ok, now seriously!
Anybody ever practiced a cross-dressing? Or knows people who practiced? 
I'm just interested in how they do that?!

Sh*t, I have a book full of perversions and I never tried even one. So this is another one reason to go to New York f*cking city. I need someone to share this experience, I cannot do it alone. )

Ooooph, I feel the heat )))

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