October 12, 2012

Ant #123. When dreams come true...

The best way to live is to dream!
The best way to live brightly is to make dreams come true!

After 3 years I'm going to South America once again!

50 hours in the sky.
10's of friends.
5 cities.
4 MDNA shows.
2 new counties.

Ah, Buenos Aires! The city that I love the most!
It's so good to come back!
You make me feel so happy and free.
What will you bring me for this time? More parties? More fun? More "last-night troubles"? )))
Or maybe more love and feeling "special"?

Just "give me all your luvin'", Buenos Aires!
I wanna live dangerously! ;-)

Buenos Aires


  1. Replies
    1. You do :) I usually can't stand russians but I'm willing to make some exceptions :) Russian Federation is one country that doesn't want to let go of my country for it to opt for reunification and for everybody to mind their own business. But I know that not all russian citizens are that way so I am trying not be very judgmental on that one :)

    2. Well, to be honest I do not support the politics of russian government, too evil and too agressive. I don't understand why do they always look for an outside enemy, like USA for example. Very silly!
      And yes, I feel ashamed for what USSR did in Europe last century.

      Only old people here are proud of the past of the country. Young people are not. )

    3. Well thanks for this one, you just restored a bit of my faith that someday in the far future everything is going to be ok in my country. It's kind of the same in my country, young people are more democratic and more liberal meanwhile our elderly still carry a torch for the former soviet union :) ok then, looking forward for your next post :)