December 1, 2012

Ant #137. World AIDS Day.

Today I've been on TV lecture about HIV.
Famous journalist that spent her youth in USA was talking about scary things: how they found first cases of strange previously unknown illness, how many of her gay-friends were dying one by one, how families were turning away from ill members, how people were demanding the right treatment...

Thanx God, people with HIV can live decades with modern medicines, but unfortunately not everywhere. In my country HIV means death. No one is gonna care of you if you have it. People with HIV cannot come out, cannot say about their illness even to their close friends, coz they think (and they are probably right) that people will turn away from them. This is terrible!

I have some friends with HIV, mostly from abroad, and I'm not afraid of sharing bed with them, of drinking a tea from one cup, of hugging them!

We all are human beings! We all are the same!

World AIDS Day

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