December 11, 2012

Ant #141. Moscow - Madrid - Buenos Aires.

04:00 am. I haven't slept at all.
05:00 am. Idiotic taxi driver! Where is he?
06:15 am. Fine, I'm at the airport, went through the passenger control. Coffee!!!
07:55 am. Good-bye, Russia!
10:05 am (EU time). WHOOPS! I'm in Madrid! ))) Hola, España! )
10:50 am. I have to change somewhere, it will be too hot in jeans )))
11:10 am. I feel much better in shorts! ^_^
11:25 am. Boarding time! Hasta luego, Madrid!
11:45 am. F*ck yeah! I'm sitting alone on 2 seats. I gotta lay down and try to sleep a lil bit. (Changed the time from EU to Argentinian).
10:10 am. Lunch time! Pasta smells good )))
12:15 pm. Watching Happy Tree Friends! Bloody hell! ^_^
12:20 pm. 8 hours in the skies ahead! It's shaking all the time!
01:35 pm. I fell asleep and woke up again.
03:40 pm. I have eaten a sandwich, it was nice. Almost 5 hours left.
04:50 pm. Doh! Why am I so nervous! My stomach is getting crazy!
06:25 pm. I've just watched a serbian movie "Lóve". Good story about how your past will always follow you, even if you wanna change. Think twice, don't make mistakes!
06:30 pm. It's good to be small, I can lay down on just 2 seats )))
07:10 pm. We're flying right above Porto Alegre. Is the stage still here? )))
08:05 pm. TURBULENCE!!!

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