December 30, 2012

Ant #144. MDNA Tour: ENDless.

I hope it's not too late, coz I came home 3 days ago, but only now I found a few minutes to tell you how was it in South America!

Oh, South America: you've been hot and cold, crazy and relaxed, quick and long, you've been the best and the worst! You've been everything!
I got a huge experience! Last 4 shows gave me as many emotions as my previous 12!

My South American leg of MDNA Tour:

70+ friend requests on facebook,
50+ hours on planes at the skies,
45 minutes with no electricity during the last show,
40 hours of queuing before shows,
30 US dollars spent on calls to my bank asking them to block my stolen credit card,
8 hours of sleeping at the street the night before the show,
7 hours under the rain waiting for the show,
6 hours of dancing at afterparties,
4 cities (3 for shows and 1 for tourism),
2 countries,
2 business-lounges,
1 disappointment,
1 the end of the world,
1 bottle of wine drunk during the waiting for the end of the world,
1 found true bright love!



  1. where's me !! ? 1 disappointment? jajaaj

    1. Hahahaaa) No dear, disappointment is about somebody else! You were lovely! )))

  2. I hope not to be the disappointment :(

  3. If you ever say something like this again, I'll kick your ass!