January 6, 2013

Ant #146. Skiing.

New Year = New Activities!

This year I decided to go to mountains for skiing.
I never did it before!!!

I started from shopping. I went to sport store, and there was a disaster #1.
I thought I needed just a few goods, but at the end I bought: pants, jacket, slim thermal underwear, warm socks, gloves... And I had to buy much more, but didn't have more money )))

Disaster #2 was our hotel, but it's a long story, let's skip it. )))
Hmmmm... There was something good in it, I met an american couple there, great boy and girl!

My first day of skiing was a disaster #3. It was much harder than I was expecting!

But in the end I fell in love with montains!!!
And I think I'm gonna continue my trainings! ^_^

Caucasus Mountains

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