January 14, 2013

Ant #148. NYC.

Gosh, I cannot believe it.
3 years since I first thought I had to visit New York and I've finally booked the flight.
To say I'm excited is to say nothing! ^_^

New York
My flight is in 10 days and I'm going there just for a weekend, so I don't have a time for a bullsh*t!

Allright, New Yorkers, I need your advices!

Where to go?
What to see?
Which clubs to visit?
Madonna places?

Aaaaaarrrrgh! I cannot put thoughts together!

That's what my friend told me:
"Times Square..... Central Park..... The 9-11 memorial, .... some museums, there are many cool museums..... nightlife.... some clubs......"

Did he miss something else?

Ah, and accommodation!
Anybody knows some hotels (not hoStels) at Manhatten with a good prices?

And the last questions, New Yorkers!
Who wanna meet me?

Goooooooooshhhhhh!!!  ^_^


  1. Hotels: My favourites are Affinia Manhattan (Pricier) and The New Yorker. Both are great location by Penn Station.

    Bars - a couple good ones by Penn but I like my sports bars, as a girly girl I must say I never quite fit in watching a hockey game but all the better haha!!

    See- Empire State, Inside Trump Tower on 5th Av, Central Park, Brunch at The Cupping Room (infact there are a few nice little eating spots down by that in SoHo), wander through the village and Times Square.

    Here is one of my many posts about a visit there: http://takeallchances.blogspot.co.uk/2011/02/i-left-my-heart-in-new-york-city.html

    I am so very jealous!! :-) Have fun!!!

  2. Oh and how did I forget... The Brooklyn Bridge?! I love that .. it's a fair walk over but worth it :-) Then there is the area known as DUMBO which is down by the river and gives great views of Downtown Manhattan.

  3. I recently booked flights to NY aswell, after being absolutely obsessed with the idea of going there for years.

    I've been getting recommendations from my friends who've been about where to go, so I'll try give you some tips. Apparently Times Square at around 5.30am is amazing because there isn't many people there, and you can catch your breath and just look at it. Central Park is also a must obviously, as well as Broadway if you're into musicals or shows of any sort. The Lion King is pretty popular at the moment, but tickets need to be booked in advance. Going to the top of the Empire State Building is also a must if you want views of the whole city.

    Food wise, apparently Grimaldi's pizza do some of the best pizza around, and also a great view as it's in a really picturesque part of Brooklyn.