January 7, 2013

Ant #147. Miles away.

This post is about love... Long distance love.

Do you know what is it? Do you know how it feels?

Imagine that you met someone special, but you have a flight back home in a few days.
Sad, right? Painful, right?

When I go abroad, I usually switch on the "Snow Queen" mode. It helps me to stay safe. I lock my heart and go aboard of a plane. Especially when I go very far, I try to be friendly, but kinda cold. You know what I mean? I don't allow anybody to flirt with me, I refuse all the temptations.

That's what my rules are.

But my last trip to South America all my protection crashed.
I fell in love so badly!
I was resisting so desperately, but couldn't fight my feelings! So I gave up!
But anyway I had to return to my home.

So now we have 7-hours time difference, 13500 km distance between us and a huge bright sincere love!
Crazy, isn't it?

But I'm happy anyway!
It's better to know that there's someone special in the world that loves you, than to be alone.
Even if we cannot wake up together, my feelings give me a strenght to live, to move on with my life, to change everything for us, to destroy the borderlines, time, distances.
And my love only continues growing up, like a flower inside of me.

It hurts so much when you love someone and cannot even touch him/her, but trust me it hurts even more when your heart is an ice cube!

Thank YOU for melting my heart! I love YOU!

Long Distance Love
The song of my mood today...


  1. That is really lovely. I am very happy for you!

    (Came over from Blog Cataloge. Love the poem.)