January 31, 2013

Ant #149. iPhone VS. Blackberry

Today I got Blackberry phone for free and tried to use it, but...

Blackberry f*cking SUCKS!!!

I don't understand how people can use it!
It looks like phones back to 90's, buttons, buttons, menues, menues, texts, texts... Visualization is awful! Siemens A35???

Facebook and Wwitter are so disgusting and uncomfortable for using.
No Skype, no good grafic editor, no gifboom and instagram (even if I don't use it), tumblr isn't free, no VK (russian biggest social network), no blogspot....
And I can continue!

The screen is tiny, touch-button (or whatever it is) always moves slowly or skip the whole screen.
Wi-Fi is extremely slow, while my network is up to 90MB/sec and all my devices run as fast as speed of light.

I'm done with this shit!
I'm coming back to my iPhone!


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