August 11, 2013

Ant #192. Secret Project.

Democracy doesn't seem to exist anymore.
I know what your thinking.
Freedom of expression sound like your kidding yourself. 
Are you with me? 
Don't you see a pattern here? 
We live in a very scary time.
You better be prepared to die.
Or should i say we don't.
And use to think i had to ex-acute. 
But right now i feel like i had the es-satiable desire, to start a REVOLUTION. 
Fastidious dictators. 
You better be prepared to fight. 
You better be prepared to die. 
You better have strong arms and be prepared to be skinned alive. 
That you include ALL people Black, White, straight, bisexual, Chinese, religious, Jews.
Accept them all and expect them. 
To put a gag in your mouth.
Also bring in, all separation.
All of them searching for a way out. 
Hell has risen and the Burner is on Full Blaze.
I feel that people are becoming more and more afraid,of people who are different. 
People are becoming more and more intolerant!

P.S. Unfortunately, she cannot change the world. But she does a good job. People must stop for a moment and look at themselves, look at what they do.
Let's start the Revolution of Love!

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