August 8, 2013

Ant #191. Letters.

Hey, dear!

A hug is what I really need now, for sure! If u ever come back here again, you're always welcome at my home.

I never regret for what I've done, I can only regret for what I haven't done.

The problem is that I never lived alone before, always with parents or roommates. And if I ever felt lonely I had somebody to talk to. It's so new to me. I wanted to live alone so badly, and now when I got what I wanted I understand how much I need someone else.

I know what you're gonna say... that I'll get used to it. I agree, but this is the worst of the worst moments to do that. When your heart is broken you need many people around you so their voices could muffle your heart's crying.

You're right, we didn't have too much time to know each other better, but I hope we will in the future. And I do appreciate the fact that you told me your secrets. It means a lot to me, seriously! And I really hope we'll see each other before the next tour.

And thanx for advice about volunteers. I think it's a great idea!


*  *  *
Sometimes I need to take my thoughts out of subconsciousness and write them to somebody.
It helps me to understand what I really feel.


  1. Living on your own can be very hard sometimes. But you're right, you will get use to it in the long run. Maybe ask a few friends around, have a little get together over the weekend to break the ice a little. If not, watch a few good old films, get some good recipes together and brush up on the cooking skills. Good food always come in handy amongst family and friends.

    1. Are you me? )))
      I do everything you wrote!