August 20, 2013

Ant #197. Supporting russian LGBT-community.

The invitation to joing this demonstration I received yesterday.
At first I wasn't about to come (I had other plans), but the fact that it will be in front of the russian embassy made me change my mind!

I didn't know what to expect. In Russia all pro-LGBT demonstrations are prohibitted (officially not, but actually yes), and people who join them risk to be busted/beaten/killed (depending on how lucky you are).

I came to the place a lil bit earlier to check everything and I saw a couple of my friends there.
I felt better!

Someone told journalists that I was russian, and they all came to me to talk, to ask some questions, to share opinions. I gave the interview to one of local TV channels which wasn't a big pleasure, coz usually I'm not a fan of this kind of attention. But I had no choice, I was the only one russian there.

It was super-fun! There was a cool music, gay-flags and lots of nice people!
Some people asked me my contacts, to talk later.

I stayed there a lil bit more and then left.

I'm no longer in Russia, but it doesn't mean I can forget about that country. I still have there my family and my friends who need to know they are not alone!
Be stronger! Together we can do anything!

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