August 14, 2013

Ant #193. Insomnia.

Last days something happens to me...

Every night I turn off the light, lay down on my bed, close my eyes and... it begins!

Thousands of thoughts start running across my brain, like ants, noising and annoying ants. I think about everything... about my current life, my friends, my ex... Sometimes I cry, sometimes I just talk to myself trying to calm me down.

But whatever I do, I cannot fall asleep. It lasts till 5-6 am until I'm powerless.

Next morning I wake up being destroyed, but I drink a coffee and somehow... miraculously... start my day. I live like a normal guy enjoying myself, but then the sun disappear and it all comes back.

And it goes round and round... like a circle.


  1. Welcome to my world of insomnia. I can stay awake for 2 days without no sleep and nobody would have a clue as I continue as normal. Had it for years and can't find a cure. Let me know if you find something that helps.