October 28, 2013

Ant #212. Just an idiot.

Leaving Cordoba in 30 mins. Leaving my last hope.

Why the hell did I come here? What was I expecting? 

He said his feelings were true, while my feelings ARE true. 

Seeing him was the worst torture in my life! Just imagine, guys, how it feels to see in front of you a person who you love with all your heart, more than your life, and not to have a possibility to kiss or hug or even touch him. 

He left me on the street and I burst in tears... Yeah, like a silly girl. 

I just wanted to look into his eyes to see if he still feels something to me and I didn't see anything. I don't even know now if he ever loved me. I still feel absolutely the same to him, but he's got cold. So damn quickly. 

He said "we broke up because we are too different". One of us must be an idiot. 

Good bye, Cordoba! See you... well, never. 

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