October 18, 2013

Ant #211. Carla Morrison.

This poster blew my mind when I saw it!

Carla Morrison, mexican singer, very tallented girl, is coming to my city!

She's not worldwide famous, but it only makes her more autentical, more inderpendent and more artistic.

I discovered her accidentely. There was a free song of her on iTunes, I downloaded it and loved it! Then I downloaded the whole album and found it amazingly good!

She sings spanish, and I used to hate all the spanish songs, but she has become and exception for me!

But I never thought that one day I'll see her life, coz I doubt she would ever come to Russia with a concert. But I'm not there anymore, I'm here, and I got a great opportunity to see my first spanish-singing "crash" ever! )))

So... I got a 1st row ticket! ;-)
Once the 1st row bitch, always the 1st row bitch! XD

Take a look on her video!
It's very nice!

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