October 18, 2013

Ant #210. No regrets!

Friend: Ok... Do you regret coming to Argentina?

Me: It's a difficult question. I could say "NO, I don't regret", but it wouldn't be the 100% truth.

Friend: I get it.

Me: I've always loved Argentina, escpecially BsAs, and I knew that one day I'll be living here, but I thought this dream will come true when I'll be 50-60 years old. Because all my family is still in Russia. I was thinking about moving to another country, but I was looking at Spain or UK, something close to my home, so I could see my family frequently. Now I'm here and it doesn't seem even possible to visit them, it's too expensive. That's it. And I'm not even talking about that I lost everything (my job with a good salary, my home in Moscow, my friends... everything...). I came here with my burning heart and it all ended so quickly... So how do you think I feel now?!

Friend: I can imagine... But how is your mindset now? Are you willing to stay?

Me: I feel like a paper boat in a river... The water is driving me somewhere but I don't know where exactly. I'm about to stay, but just because there's no sense to come back. The same crap, everything from the beginning. So I think I'm gonna try to build my new life here. I can come back any time, but I should try to stay.

Friend: Nice! I had no idea what you had been through... Please count on me for anything you need, I'll always do my best to help.

Me: Well, I'm a strong and very positive man, I had even worse times in my life. Not a big deal! ))) And thank you very much, I do really appreciate it!

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