October 2, 2013

Ant #208. Montevideo.

I can't believe it's happening!
Yes, I'm going to Uruguay!

Probably you don't know how many times I tried to visit this country, but the destiny was against me)))

In 2009, in november, I came to Argentina for the very first time, for 2 weeks. The plan was to see a couple of places here and then go to Montevideo. But the problem was that I needed visa. I went to the embassy of Uruguay 2 months before the trip and started the application. They promissed that it had to take 2 weeks, but at the departure day my visa still wasn't ready! So I canceled my plan to visit this country. Instead of this I went to Iguazu waterfalls! And it was awesome, to be honest!

In 2012, in december, I came to South America again to see Madonna's shows. The plan was to stay in Buenos Aires for 2 shows, then go to Santiago (Chile) for 1 show, come back to Argentina (to Cordoba) for the last show and then I supposed to have a few free days and I wanted to go to Montevideo. That time luckily I didn't need to get visa. But in Chile my credit card was stolen and I wasn't able to pay my trip to Uruguay. So I canceled my trip to Uruguay again.

Now, after 4 years, nothing can stop me! Well, only if our boat will drown in Rio de la Plata))))
But I'm sure it won't happen and my dream finally will come true!


  1. Nice one mate, and I hope after all that's happened, you have a really good fun time there. Safe trip.