April 13, 2012

Ant #76. Life after life.

I got an interesting question. Do I believe in life after life?

Wow. I wasn't ready to answer immediately. I said YES, but for me it's not about my faith, it's about my wish.
I wanna say... We all will die one day and I'm not worrying will I be "alive" after life or not?
I just don't want my love to die with me. Yes, that's the problem! Who will be loving those who I love after my death? Who will be loving you? Noone will love you as much as I do!
I need a second life, a life after life, because there's no enough time on the Earth for us both. How long can we stay alive? 80, 90, 100 years? But my love will live forever and I gotta do something with it.

I'll be missing you so badly, waiting for you at the skies and preparing the best cloud for you!