April 20, 2012

Ant #78. ★ Astrology ★

★   ★   ★ 

Do you believe in astrology?
Do you believe that stars predetermine your destiny, your character, your professions and even your future partners?

Well, I don't have a clear opinion about it. But when I see something like this (keep reading!), it's hard to disagree that stars have much stronger influence on us than we think.

A few weeks ago I've got my own astro map. If you have ever been interested, you probably know what is it. It looks like this. --->

Of course it's not mine, I've just found it on google. )))
Looks cool, don't you think so?

So... One astrologist offered me to make my own map and see what the stars speak about me. He did it for free, I wasn't risking. And you know what? He was completely (ok, not 100%, but 95% for sure) right about me as a person, even if he never met me and didn't see me.

I'm gonna share with you some stuff from his comments.
Take a seat and enjoy! ;-)

All you are concentrated on is YOURSELF, your person. But there is a nuance, your moon is in the 12th house, it means that your subconsciousness pulls you somewhere higher.

Even if you'll never be a businessman, your mind feels a smell of success and money, involves into new ideas, it knows well which deal is good. Try to find yourself in ADV business, PR, media.

People love you or hate you. The energy that goes from you is magical, promising, dangerous. But you don't pay attention to this fact, that's why sometimes you don't understand why people do strange things to you. It's all because of your deep emotions, possibility to re-invent yourself. "I'm not what you think of me" - that's what you are!

You demand absolute personal freedom.

You're interesting, creative, tolerant, full of impressions and different interests.

Your strongest planet is Mars. Even if you're Capricorn and used to like the order in everything, Mars "takes you away" sometimes.

It doesn't matter what was at the beginning, at the end there always will be a great success or a catastrophe.

Your loneliness turns into a way together.

You'd like to see someone wild and passionate as your partner. If it's a woman, she must be sexually liberated, brave, with a devil in her eyes. If it's a man, he must be brutal enough, brunet, with a penetrating glance. They both gotta have something natural, virgin, on the animal passion level. But for life you'll get someone another: intelligent and graceful person, but not sexually diffident at all.

And much more!
I don't wanna write here about parents, friends and what he called "transits".

And you know what I thought?.. I love stars!!!

Stars are blind.

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