April 2, 2012

Ant #71. The scars.

Everyone knows that if you was wounded once, the scar will never disappear. It will always remind you about what's happened.
Do you have any scars?
I do have one... on my heart.

I'm looking back and I don't feel anything. Maybe I was suffering too long and now I'm free?! It seems like...
But I can see my scar, I can touch it...
It's big, right from the top to the bottom of my heart. The wound was too deep, the hit of the knife was quick and unexpected. It's like when you trust someone and don't know he/she is a criminal.

Would I like to revenge? Hell, yes! I know it's bad, but I can't fight this feeling.

Our conversation 2 days ago was extremely fun! Especially when you tried to read my mind with psychologic keys. DUH )))) Honey, I know them much better than you, so you will never be able to read my mind. Throw out these cheap books. They don't help you. You only will be too upset because you've read them. Trust me. They will make you living in your own world with these rules you have read, but they won't work. To be able to read someone's mind you have to know the subject well and you have to know the life well, or you'll do so many mistakes... Anyway, it's up to you! Have fun! ;-)

P.S. Oh yeah... )

Revenge is sweet

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