February 15, 2013

Ant #152. St. Valentine's Day.

Love Story
Ok guys! I hope everybody survived one of the most despised holidays )))

Seriously, I know so many people who hate the 14th of february, even I was one of those people.
But everything's changed since I met my babe! 

I'm really glad for those who were able to spend this day together with their "valentines". You're very lucky!

My "valentine" is 15000 km from me, but our love story has just begun. And I hope I'm sure that once we get together, every day will be St. Valentine's Day!

Sending the positive vibes to all my friends! We all need to believe in love! It's the most beautiful thing in the whole world!

To my T.B.: I wanna dedicate this next song to you!
But before you play it, I wanna remind you that "novio" and "amante" in english are the same word! This song isn't about "amantes"! XoXo

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