February 27, 2013

Ant #156. Beauty or Brains?

Note: I'm not talking here about my preferences. 
I'm thinking about people in general!

What is more important actually?
Any thoughts?
Make an answer and keep it in your mind before reading my opinion.

Majority of women thinks they must be beautiful!
All the beauty industry works for women: hair, make-up, spa, surgeries, fashion etc.
Women go through the hell to look great!

Majority of men thinks they must be smart!
Universities, MBA, sciences.
They study, make careers, desperately seek for success!

And seriously, the evolution made women much more beautiful than men and men much smarter than women. Sorry, if I offend somebody, I'm not a sexist, it's just statistics.

I much more appreciate beauty in men and brains in women! ^_^

Beauty of brains
P.S. If you still wanna know my preferences, I prefer brains! ;-)


  1. Men are smarter than women? I'm guessing you are a man. A woman would be too smart to post something like that. ;)

    1. Unfortunately, like it or not, it's true! )))
      During the history women were banned from schools, only men could study. And even now there are so many countries like (China, India, other asian and african countries) where girls are not allowed to go to school and get an education. And it's 2/3 of the world population.
      This is awful and unfair, but it's a fact!
      That's why a majority of world-famous scientists, philosophers etc were men.