February 20, 2013

Ant #153. Is it bad to be different?

A few days ago we started a game -> we choose a theme (related to us and our relationship) and discuss it.
We talked about friends, cheatings, controlling each other etc. The game to be continued...

I think it's very useful, coz when we finally live together, we won't be confused. It's like knowing each other being far away.

And of course we have looots of disagreements. SURPRISE!

➤ I'm not a "controlling" type of person, he is.
➤ I don't take a kiss as a cheating, he does.
➤ I hate if he has a friend who is in love with him, he doesn't see a problem if he doesn't cheat on me.

Not a big deal, right?

But yesterday I had an imprudence to tell him, that I don't like children. And it turned into another one quarrel. Maybe I shouldn't say it, but we promised each other to be honest. And this is my truth!
Of course, I'm ok with my friends's children as long as they don't play with me, don't break my phone, don't draw on my walls etc. Yes, I find them a lil bit noisy and annoying, but I can stand them. The point is I don't wanna have my own children.

He's absolutely in love with his nephew. OK, cool! I'm happy for him! But what should I do?

I'm not trying to change you, please don't try to change me!

Now seriously! Is it a real problem that we're different, that we have different points of view?
No, I cannot believe it! Especially after I proved how flexible I am in any question.

I love the fact that we're so different! I would kill myself if you were my clone!
Gosh! No f*cking way!!!

I love you for who you are, you're just perfect to me... Except of one little thing... Everytime we have a problem, you stop talking.
"Running away is not a solution!"

P.S. He doesn't like when I write my thought on twetter, even if they are completely unobviuos.

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