February 24, 2013

Ant #155. Les amours imaginaires.

Les amours imaginaires (Heartbeats)
I've just watched "Les amours imaginaires"("Heartbeats") (2010), the story of two friends who both fall in love with the same man.

Actually I don't think they fell in love with him.
They both were looking for love, but found an asshole.
He played with their hearts, flirted, gave them hopes...
You know what is it... And he didn't give a shit about their feelings. He enjoyed his power. 

But this movie is not only about this one love-triangle.
It brings up questions about love, relationships, temptations and... bisexuality. As a parallel subject line, you can see a meeting of anonymous lovers, where different people tell their tragic (or not so) stories. All of them were hurted a lot by people in whom they fell in love.

But what really caught my attention in this movie is the way how its director (Xavier Dolan) shows a bisexuality, because I've been told by many friends of mine the same things. "Bisexuals only play with people, but actually don't love anybody!", "Bisexuals always change partners, they are sluts!", "Bisexuals adore to see people suffering!", "Bisexuals need more and more lovers, they love attention!"... That's what they usually say. That's what the movie says.

I think that people mix terms "bisexuality" and "assholeness", but they are not the same!
I know a totally straight guy that uses his hadsomeness to get money from rich men and he doesn't even kiss them, coz thinks it's disgusting. And I also know some bisexuals who found their partners and live together many years.

In my opinion, bisexuality doesn't mean that you fuck with everyone, it means that you find both genders sexually attractive, but you also can be with the only one person for the rest of your life! That's it!

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