February 24, 2013

Ant #154. Expectations.

I think there's nothing new that we all have many expectations...
Job, trips, shopping, exams... What else? Ahh, sure... Relationships!

And of course, I'm not gonna talk about trips or shopping!

I'm not sure if it's good or not to have expectations about your future or current relationships.
We all want our partners to be honest with us, to not cheat, to be soft and kind. All these things are obvious!

But what if we want too much?
For example, do you think it's ok to expect from your partner that he/she will be slim, come home after work immediately, make expensive gifts and watch the same movies?

Yes, you can wish whatever you want, but doesn't it seem impossible?
I'm afraid that if you wait for a perfect partner, you'll die lonely.

Besides, relationship is a thing that we do, it's a hard working, it's concessions, it's an accepting each other.
If you expect too much, you definitely will be disappointed.

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