February 1, 2012

Ant #38. W.E. believe in love. Do we?

Tomorrow I'm going to the cinema to watch the premier screening of Madonna's movie "W.E."
Here in my country this film is calling "W.E. believe in love".
This is so funny! ))) I'm going to watch the film by a woman who inspires me during all my mature life and this is the first time I cannot agree with her.

I definitely don't believe in love. It doesn't mean I can't love. I can. God knows I can!
I'm pretty sure that love exists, but if it brings you a pain, a sadness, a suffering, it's a f*cking shit, not love!
Love must make you happy! When you love, you wake up being full of energy and wishes to live for your the only one.

I don't know how it feels... My love, my biggest brightest endless love gave me so much pain, I can't describe. I wouldn't wish anybody to go through this hell.

Sorry for this crap. I'm a little bit drunk.

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