February 20, 2012

Ant #45. The last conversation.

I don't know how to be...
I wanna tell you so many things, but thoughts are messing in my head.
I don't understand why we haven't a dialogue, why you're not going on contact. You can pretend as long as you want that I don't exist in your life, I will never believe it. And don't try to make me pretending as well. I'm not gonna do that.
Foolish situation. You want us not to talk? You wanna delete all the memories? Right? You'll get better? Ok, just one word from you and I will never disturb you. But damn it, it's a delirium. It's impossible! It's so wrong!
Why don't you meet half-way? Stop holding the anger. I didn't do anything bad to you. Nothing! But if I did, tell me. I wanna know and I'm ready to apology.
I have overcome it all a long time ago, because I don't wanna live with an insult inside of me. I wanna remember all the best. Why don't you want? Let's overcome all the disagreements together. Aren't we able? It's so easy.
I will die if you decide to delete me from your life, but I'll stand any decision. Think about it...
You're not obliged to me anything, therefore do how you feel you'll be better personally. Don't worry about me.

You're the most important person for me in this f*cking world. But I need time to come to senses... Forgive me. I wana talk to you, but I can't. Meanwhile... Please, forgive me.

I'm ready to wait as long as necessary. Know that I'm always on a phone call distance. But for now I won't disturb you. All the best for you.

P.S. I'm typing and tears are falling down on the keyboard...

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