February 2, 2012

Ant #39. W.E. review.

Today I've seen Madonna's "W.E." movie.

All I can say is WOW! 
I knew Madonna wouldn't make a bad thing, but this movie is even better than I was expecting.

It's a brilliant mix of amazing acting, great camerawork, wonderful vision and sound effects and, of course, very smart directing.

My best impressions are all about Andrea Riseborough. She acts her role awesome. I looked at her and I believed everything she said or did. So true emotions, so many passions she's enclosed in Wallis. How she danced, how she smoked, how she cried... Just undescribably!

Before I first heard about Madonna planning to film the movie, I had no idea about the story of the King Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson. All I knew was he gave up his throne for her, for a woman he loved. 
They told about it in every interview or article. 

But noone said about Wallis! And I think it's a big mistake of everyone who wrote a review.
Yes, Edward has refused his power, his crown, his position in a society. But was anyone thinking about what she has refused? Wallis gave up all her life! Before she met him, she was rich enough, she had a very influential friends, she had a husband who loved her more than his life, she had everything what a lot of women could only dream of. And what she got? The whole world's hatred, the exile from the country, the life under paparazzi's camera, the need to always be worrying.

So who made a bigger sacrifice? To me it's obvious. 

During the movie I couldn't stop admiring to her. She was so strong, so purposeful...
She loved Edward and she knew that if she (only she) would let them be together, her normal life full of happiness will be destroyed. And she chose her love! She knew she had to stay with him till the end (she wrote about her feelings in letters) and she stood with him even understanding how hurt it will be for her. Edward was just a silly enamoured man, but Wallis was a brave self-denying woman who had everything in her hands. Only she could change their both lives forever and she had enough boldness to do it. She took all the responsibility.

And Edward answered her with the biggest love on the Earth. Till the end, till the last breath he loved her more than his life. And when he was dying, he asked her to dance for him. He loved her dancing... till the last breath.

I found some similarities between me and Wallis. I was in the same situation when only I could save our relationship and turn our mutual dreams into the truth. But I couldn't do that. I'm not so strong as "the most despised woman in the world".

So do W.E believe in love now? I do.


  1. Great review!!
    Altho I think Andrea's acting doesn't show any love at all.

    1. That's why she reminds me myself. She looks like a Snow Queen, but she cries when noone's looking at her.
      She was definitelly in love, but she had to be extremely strong for them both.