February 24, 2012

Ant #46. Sense of life.

A few days with no any single post, but I had nothing to say.

I'm so exhausted. Total emotional emptiness. I gave myself trying to fix everything, and nothing happened.
Full ignoring and hatred. All my messages are leaving without responses.

Is this the end? It seems like...

I don't know what to do now? How to live? For whom to live? No answer.

Don't you think that breaking my heart you'll destroy my faith in love? My heart cannot be bleeding always. One day it will burn down and turn into the coal. Of course, I will forgive you even if you apologise in 1000 years, but will I be able to love again and give you so much passion like I can now.

You're killing my soul, therefore you should know that the flesh cannot love...

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